Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Marionaud Retractable Powder Brush

Yesterday I went shopping. Well, just to release my stress... and , aside from that, I have to get some materials at National Bookstore for my son's project. (may dahilan na! hehe) I got a shirt from Terranova at 295 (they're at 70% off) and a bracelet from Accessorize at 150 (595 original price)

I already has a blusher brush and eyebrow and eyeliner brush from Marionaud, but I still don't have a powder brush for my Fanny Serrano two way cake foundation. So, I got a retractable brush though they have a goat hair version of this which I find expensive at 499 pesos, I opt to this one instead for only 169.75. :)


This brush isn't the softest but isn't hard that you can't use it. Ifeel that it has the right density, but make up professionals will for sure choose not to use this one. But for it's cheap price? Come on, it's good already. The downside is that, it leaves some powder pigments on the pan, but overall, I find this brush A-okay. 
I also have an angled blush brush from Marionaud. :)

Place bought: SM Southmall Dept. Store
Price: P169.75

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