Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Lacoste New Classic Shopping Bag.

After so many months of eyeing this bag which was always out of stock in every Lacoste Store here in Manila, I got the chance to own this bag, FINALLY! The hipag of my cousin sold this to me. She just had a change of heart and wants to buy another style or color of this one. She just sold it to me for P4500.00 (original price is P4650.00) 2 gives pa 'yun ah! And, it's still unused as in Brand New pa. Great right?! LOL. She let me see the receipt and found out that she bought this at Trinoma Mall. I dunno what's into her mind at that time. hahaha.

Well, here it is! My New Classic Shopping Bag in White.

Here's how it looks like when worn. I'm 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Size comparison between my Lacoste New Classic Large Bowling bag and New Classic Shopping bag.

The size of this Shopping Bag is quite large.. well, atleast for a shorter girl, it doesn't look good, but for me and my built, it's just right. It's the same size as my Longchamp LM Metal Large long handle but this one's more bulkier because it's structured and can stand on it's own I learned that it's sold now for P5150.00 at Lacoste boutiques! I really can't wait to use it!. 

***Beware for the FAKE ones that's being sold at ebay!!!!*** Make sure it has the correct tag, the correct zipper pull, and the price tag should be hanged on the right side of the handle if it still has it.

Place bought: Trinoma Mall
Price at that time: Php 4650.00
Currently retails at Php 5150.00