Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wishful Thinking.....

I really had a stressful day today..... working home based starts at 8am, have to eat something for breakfast, but now, I just have a couple of slices of bread together with hot chocolate with coffee (mocha java style!). Then at 10am, I have to prepare for lunch before my kids go to school.

Think I'm stressed about my job? Nah!!! I'm stressed because of my 2 boys always having a quarrel, everyday of their lives!! Yeah! This is what i got from having them so early..... I wasn't able to enjoy my teenage life. I go out before, but not that much, because i know, i wasn't suppose to anymore. I'm not married. I never got married. Good for me though.

Right now, I'm not assuming about something that was not yet meant to happen. Even though my muah and me were already looking forward on the 3rd year of our relationship, i just don't feel like, he's already into settling down. Even though, we talk a lot about it, mostly, it was being opened up as a joke, nothing to be serious about...but, deep inside of me, I'm thinking...what would it be like walking down the aisle??..... yeah yeah, i know, one of the so many lines of a hopeless romantic right??....well, just one of my wishful thinking huh!... but how i wish that one day, i would be walking towards the man i love and chose to be with for all of my life...

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