Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Lacoste New Classic Bowling Bag. =)

So, while killing time before we take our turn at Yakimix (we're at #27 in list, at that time nasa #3 pa lang ang natatawag) i asked my Muah to have a stroll inside Mall of Asia. (the truth is, I really want to visit the Lacoste boutique lol). I've been looking and lemming for the Lacoste's bowling bag as it was number 2 on my wishlists for 2011, and to my surprise, they finally have it at that moment in time! (what to do, what to do, shet, i'm in panic mode hahaha) so, I went quickly inside and ask if they still have stocks for it since it's already been out of stocks in ALL, as in ALL the Lacoste stores in the metro even in Singapore ( i asked my barkada who works there to purchase it for me, but it's all out of stock!) Yeah. I called their MOA, ATC boutique, Duty free, Rob's Place store many times and even went there but, well NO LUCK--- until yesterday, IT IS FINALLY AVAILABLE AND IN LIMITED PCS. ONLY!!The sales attendants there were friendly and even told us that they only have the last 2 pcs. of that design and color since the other color (i asked for black) is already out of stock and they're just emptying out their warehouse's stocks for this one.

Arrrrrrgggghhhh! Something at the back of my mind is telling me that I MUST get it before someone else's does. I told the SA that we'll be right back. (but the truth is, i asked for signs while we're heading back to Yakimix if i really should get it, and the Good Lord gave all the signs that i asked, lakas ko kay Lord talaga!) I talked to my Muah, asked for his "say" if i should get it na though my budget is quite tight and I said that the signs that God gave the signs that i asked. (enrollment of my 2 kids kasi) When he saw my face looking sad and dismay, of course, he offered (DEFINE offer- willingly, voluntarily) that he'll get it for me. (He know me so well, and he knows that when i wanna buy something, specially if it's something that i've been lemming of, hindi ako makakatulog kapag di ko yun nabili lol, as in sisimangot na lang ako sa harap nya and he couldn't stand seeing me like that talaga because he loves me that much! ^^).. He's such an angel in disguise right? I can't hide my excitement at that moment and I won't be able to pig out at Yakimix because of that!  (me: are you serious? muah: yeah, why? you changed your mind on getting it?  me: of course not muah, come on, i'll ask for a new stock! ahahaha ). So after eating at Yakimix, we headed at Lacoste boutique to get it.

I also want either the Roll bag or satchel, but the bowling bag really stands out among the rest. 

The colors that was available at that time are Eclipse and Angel blue, so I opted for the dark one because though the light blue is a really cool and unique color as per my Muah, but I'm sure it will be easy for it's color to attract dirt and stains also as per my Muah (since he's the one who'll be paying for it hehe) so he told me to better pick the Eclipse color ( midnight blue ). Excellent choice! Here it is:

My bag in it's Lacoste dust bag and it's huge, as in HUGE paper bag. Super like the dust bag 'coz it's a thick canvas! 

Tadaaaa!!!! My Lacoste New Classic Bowling bag.

It's original tag. 

Pretty color isn't it?! Love it!

Its lining inside. Notice that there's no stitch in the middle unlike the other Lacoste new classic bags i've seen at multiply sellers and mind that the made in China tag should be on the left side .

The ever famous croc logo embroidery.

And of course, the very happy, contented ME with my new Lacoste bowling bag! ♥

Purchased at: Lacoste Boutique Sm Mall of Asia
Priced at : P4,450.00
Color: Eclipse 

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