Sunday, August 5, 2012

My First Fitflop

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Went to Res-Toe-Run yesterday night at Festival Mall, Alabang with Muah... Originally went there to buy gifts for his siblings and mom and dad, but since i really really really wanna have this on Christmas... Well, my wish is his command and he can't  do anything about it anymore.. LOL....  Wanna have the electra bronze at first, but since it's sole is too wide for my feet, the SA suggested to me to try the pietra coz it would look better on my slim feet. =), well, she is right and i super love the shining crystals embellishment on it's strap! I'm looking for a sandals which I can also use in my semi formal clothes and here's the perfect choice!

Well, been planning to buy another one in Electra Bronze this time, even though the SA said that it's major problem will be the sequins being dis aligned after lots of usage and it's strap will eventually loosen much more thus, making it more wider on my feet, but hey, I love to have it.. I'll just take good good care of it! LOL target date of purchase for my second pair will be on April of 2011. Yep! coz Fitflop will finally have a store i=here in SM Southmall! yayyy!!!!! Few blocks away my dear and lots of time to save up!

Res-Toe-Run, Festival Mall, Alabang
Pietra Bronze