Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Am A Spoiled Wife It Is

After a week of me being hit by a van, I was finally able to go out. We headed to SM Southmall with the 2 kids, the three of them played in Cyberzone while me, just watchin' the people and avoiding them to bump me in my swollen bump, but I failed 2 times. It still hurts when touched, but I should deal with it. After all, I can do long walks already without much pain, so It's a good sign. We pass by the San Isidro church just beside the mall, me and Kien, my youngest lighted some candles to thank God for giving me another chance to live.

Heading back again at the mall, I knew that my Muah wants to buy me the other pair of Fitflop (the reason why we go out on that Sunday night when I've been hit is to get another one that I like) because he knew that I really wanted that so bad and it's on marked down price already. So him being so loving and caring, he bought me this. 

 Fitflop Pietra - Antique White. I had this in Bronze before, but returned it in exchange of my Rokkit. The stones of my pietra before had corrosion and Fitflop willingly replaced it, I just added some cash. That's what you called superb after sales service. :)

I instantly fell in love with these pair since last year the first time I saw it. It's so classy and chick.

This one's made in China still. For me, it's better than made in Vietnam. 

                                                           My kids Kirsten and Kien.

I know that I'm so blessed being given a second chance in life, and I'm even more blessed because of the people around me and supporting me specially my husband who took care of me for a week, do the errands and house chores and helping me to cope with the trauma that I had. I really am so thankful to God for giving me such a wonderful man.

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