Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Orly nail lacquer in Blue Collar

After wearing Orly Royal Navy for 3 days, it started to chip. ~_~ (well, I've done major scrubbing in our kitchen sink, kitchen chores and laundry, who wouldn't chip?) I must say that, staying power of that nail polish was also great! :)

(Remember my post about my 1st Zalora purchase? this is also one that I bought)
After battling with my mind whether I'll re-apply Royal Navy or use Blue Collar this time... the latter won. hehe

                                                                        with my cp flash.

                                    This one is almost the exact color on real life. Just make it a little more brighter. :)

And now, as usual, me wearing Orly Blue Collar.  Taken with my lappy's webcam :)

               It looked like my Elianto nail polish in Aqua which is my favorite, Elianto is just a little more vibrant.
                                         Too bad they don't have counters here in the Phils. anymore. :( boo!

The verdict:

The formula of Orly nail polishes runs smooth and creamy. They're not too runny nor too thick. Just right. But this one's more creamy IMO. It took me 3 coats on some of my nails just to even out the streaks. Maybe due to its creaminess, I find it slightly hard to apply, but it's color is opaque that you want to apply it thinly or else, it will really produce streaks once applied thick. Even if I coat some of my nails 3 times, it didn't produced any bubbles at all! ♥ This is what I love about Orly nail lacquers! Their formula is so amazing. It dries so fast too. I topped it with my ever trusty Bobbie quick dry top coat and voila! It's set in less than 5 mins. :) I hope it's staying power is as good as Blushing Bud and Royal Navy. I'll give an update after a week. :)

(My rate with10 being the highest)
Staying Power: to be updated after 1 week
Value: 10/10
Ease of use: 9.5/10 (i find it a little streaky, just a little some won't be bothered by it like me!)
Pigmentation: 9.5/10  (even though it's quite creamy, I still have to apply 3 coats on some nails just to even out the streaking)

Price: Php349.75
Place: Zalora

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