Thursday, July 4, 2013

My Fitflop Collection - Part 1

Whoa- It's been weeks since I last updated my post here. I got fed up with work and school preps for my 2nd and 7th Grader. :) Oookay, moving on.... I have a confession to make: I AM A FITFLOP ADDICT. My addiction for this sandals started nearly 2 years ago I think.

Me and my hubby always go to Divisoria (you know, to shop and look for something that we like and need for our house and his motorbike..stuffs for school, house, etc. It's a shopper's haven where you can get stuffs at much cheaper price when you buy it in wholesale) so we tend to walk a lot. There are many times that we were able to spend a good 5 hours there and walking that long can really be a burden for our feet specially when we're just wearing our good 'ol espadrilles. Even though the soles are soft, I noticed that my feet still ache and felt sore. I dunno if it is the footbed that's been causing it but I'm sure that it's not comfortable and tolerable if I'll walk for another hour. So, when we got back one time from our trip, I told hubby my woes on my aching feet and he said we'll look for a really nice shoes for me so I will stop complaining. gotcha! haha!

Fitflop has been my main choice because of it's promise of comfort. When I got my first pair, I am truly amazed on how comfortable it is! True to it's claim, I did not experienced any strains or aches after long hours of walk. In fact, I wear my Fitflops most of the time because my feet feels so relaxed and have you got a chance to see their new collections yet? They-are-awesome. It may be costly for some, but for me, every penny is so worth it!!! The fact that it has a shock absorbing microwobbleboard and super soft footbed, you can easily find a good fit if you're a narrow or wide-footed person because they have awesome selections for both type. Since I'm between the two, I'm able to wear neither, the difference was just the sizing; I wear US8 on narrow-footed styles and US7 on wide-foot ones. The versatility of these sandals are great. You can wear it for a semi-formal event or if you just want to be casual and prepped. You'll surely find a style for your needs. :)

As for me, I love versatility so when it comes to colors, I always prefer to be on the safe side.

Here's my small collection:

  Priced at Php 4995.00 at the time I bought it at Res-Toe-Run, Festival Mall. I have it for 2 years already. It's still looks like the same when I first used it.

 I actually lost a stone already, but the super accommodating staffs at Fitflop gladly sent 5 pcs. of stones at my nearest branch so I was able to replace it! Hooray for great after-sales service!


    Priced at Php 2500.00 in Fitflop Kiosk, ATC at the time I bought it. I have it for around 2 years already and it still looks nice.


                         Priced at Php 2000.00 at Fitflop Sm Southmall. Bought it on sale.

                                       A pretty pinkish-red gamusa. I have it for over a year already.


 Priced at Php 3995.00 at SM Southmall at the time I bought it. I have this for about 2 years already. :)


Priced at 3500.00 at SM Southmall at the time I bought it. Been using this for over a year already, and it still looks new!

These super comfy sandals retails from Php 2500 to as much as Php15k for a limited one! Yes, it may be that pricey, BUT I guarantee you that once you wear one, you will never look back again on your other footwear lolz. I owe my back pain to my Fitflops because true to its claim, it helps in relieving my back pains whenever I'm walking for long hours and also, it helps in toning my thighs.
On caring for my Fitflops, I gently scrub their footbed wide a toothbrush and a drop of dishwashing liquid and voila! It will instantly look new! ^_^ I haven't really tried washing the ones with a gamusa texture because I'm afraid the soapy water will ruin the color, and Fitflop has a cleaner specially made for their sandals with a gamusa material.

It's just sad that there's A LOT of knock offs Fitflop sandals everywhere! And worst? People are ACTUALLY buying them! :(  Well, they may want to wear it for the sake of wearing one, but they can never experience the comfort and benefits of the real Fitflop. (I can distinguish if a person's wearing a knock off even from afar haha! That's my hidden talent **wink**)
 So, Let's SAY NO TO FAKE!

So, I will post the 2nd part of my collection sometime soon! :)

How about you? Have you gotten yourself and your feet a treat? What is your favorite Fitflop sandals?


shay said...

i want to have one too pero, it's pricey na for me.. :( maybe i'll save for one na lang if budget permits. XD I love the rokkit, pietra and electra!

leila marquez said...

wow! you have nice collection! I have friends na may Fitflop din and they also swear by it when it comes to comfort. I might get one kapag nag sale ulit. hehe. love your blog!

Anonymous said...

nice Fitflops sis! I only have 1, and sale ko pa sya binili. hehe. Ganda ng Rokkit! it's shimmering! :D

Anonymous said...

love this post sis! i'm a fitflop lover too! :) ang ingat mo gumamit sis:) they still look new! yung sakin overused na ung footbed hehe

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jamie said...

Hi what size are you in pietra? And its a bit wide on me for sz7. Im also in between sizes because i have narrow feet. How do i know which ones are narrow? Planning to get online

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