Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation

I badly need a foundation that is affordable and can help in controlling my oily face. I have one in a two-way cake form from Fanny Serrano but sadly, after only about 2 hours, my face started to oil up. I read good reviews about Revlon's foundations and how it last hours after hours on their oily faces. Well, I gotta try that one so I while hubby and the kids are playing at Tom's World, I sneaked out and went to the Revlon counter inside the department store. *evil laugh* I asked their formula for oily skin, and the SA hand me the lightest shade which is Ivory. I dunno, but some foundations like Maybelline Clear Smooth tends to turn darker after I oiled up. (acidic eh?) Also, the SA told me that some of their clients who has morena skin nga get Ivory for their faces, what more to me pa na amputi-puti daw. haha

                                                    110 Ivory  Combination/Oily skin w/ SPF 6

                                                         (with Nars Deep Throat blusher)
                                   It didn't covered all of my blemishes but it was okay for me because it looks natural.

 So, I road tested this yesterday when we went to Divisoria to buy stuffs *harhar evil laugh again* (will post about my great find soon. I applied it on my face at 1pm and on 5pm, I started to notice some slight oiliness on the apple of my cheeks and nose, but that's it. It's not super oily, I just don't have oil blotter with me. lol . It says on the back of the bottle that it wears for up to 24 hours! (that is a lot.. so, what happened to my face?it didn't even lasted for 8 hours?!)

So far, i dunno if it will break me out. It feels so light on my skin (i use sponge when applying it)and a little dab will go a long way. At first, when I use my fingers to blend, my skin flaked and it looks horrible (maybe because of the Cyleina Tomato Soap) but after trying it out using a sponge, it blends flawlessly. It's not a heavy coverage type of foundation, but is enough to cover some spots and blemishes that I have. I think I really should use a primer too prior the application of this foundation to help it adhere more on my oily face.  Aaaarrgghhh! I am so hopeless na ata to find a long lasting foundation! >_<

I'm not even sure if the shade that I got matches my skin on my body. I think it has too pink undertone? (heck, I even don't know what shade am I at MAC 'coz I don't have one of their foundations yet. lol)
I need help! :)

Sadly, after a week of usage, this foundation made me break-out! It also cakes when I topped it with my powder foundation after 2 hours of wearing! Heck! I think I wasted Php825 pesos for this one! @_@ I think, I'll never ever buy any Revlon foundations again. UUUrrrgghhhh! Now, what to do with these small zits. I_I

Price: Php 875.00
Place: Revlon counter, SM Southmall