Sunday, June 28, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

We just came from SM Mall of Asia to watch Transformers : The Revenge of the Fallen. This is a really COOL and very good movie!!! (we'll watch it again tom. :) Though we really went to MOA just to accompany Muah in going to GSIS at this very Saturday noon...( yeah, it sucks right?! ) Well, the original plan was to watch it at the Alabang Town Center 'coz the sounds there is really great! (dolby digital), but, since we're already at MOA, we just decided to watch it right there after Muah finishes his task at GSIS. Well, at 2:50pm the line went up to at least very long from the ticket line up to some stores nearby!!! Yeah, to think that all their cinemas had Transformers 2 ! We finally reached the ticket counter and bought 4 for 180php/each. (not bad though, its worth it! ) We're scheduled at 4:55pm, but we decided to be in line just with the others who wants to have a good seat (usually, it's supposed to be a reserved seat if you watch there at MOA) and be one the firsts to walk in. Together with so much snacks and 4 rice in a box take outs, we finally came in 15 minutes before the official showing time. The movie is never been boring. From the first till the last scene, you won't want to miss a scene! It's really a funny, excellent and entertaining one!!! For sure it will have a part 3 'coz the Decepticons were still alive... :) Love you Autobots!!
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